Variable Speed Compressors

20-250 Horsepower

CPVS 20-30 HP

A complete and adaptable solution for your industrial compressed air demand. Quiet, efficient, and reduces operating costs.

Efficient Performance

High efficiency elements ensure low energy consumption & long-term performance.  Save up to 30% in energy cost compared to fixed speed units.

Great Maintenance

All components are easily accessed in panels that can removed with ease, keeping the customer in mind.

Prolonged lifetime

Quality components guarantee solid performance & reliable efficiency. Efficient cooling results in low working temperature & increased life time for oil.


Advanced monitoring

The ES3000 electronic controller manages all running and control functions, resulting in high energy savings.


CPVSd 10-20 HP & 30-50 HP

The smart, high efficient solution for your industrial needs. The CPVSd is our high efficiency screw compressor range which set a new milestone in compressed air.

easy Maintenance

All service components are located at the front of the machine for excellent accessibility. Oil-level eye at the front.

Cost energy reduction

Up to 35% of energy savings and an average cut of 25% in the compressor lifecycle cost thanks to IE3 motors or Variable Speed technology.

simple installation

Compact and all-in-one system, thanks to the oversized integrated dryers. No special foundation needed.


customizable to you

Customable options include energy recovery to reduce energy bill and canopy heaters for low temperature installation.


Quality components

Reliable technology helps to separate oil and air coolers, with less thermal shocks, a longer lifetime for your compressor.

Low energy & maintenance cost

Recoup your initial investment with lower energy consumption.  Typically 1-2 years to see that return.

Smooth regulation

Working pattern with lower peaks and smoother air delivery.


Always be in control

Easy check thanks to service door and improved integrated central ES 4000 controller.


The Chicago Pneumatic CPVS range offer a wide choice of gear driven oil-injected screw compressors from 40 to 250 HP, with frequency inverter regulation. Powerful and efficient, with low energy consumption they will be ideal and the most cost effective decision for your application.