Quiet Rotary Screw

3-30 Horsepower

Smaller Footprint

Our QRS rotary screw compressors can be base or receiver mounted, with or without dryer to have a compact and all-in one system.

Great Maintenance

No wearing parts: increases reliability and reduces maintenance costs. Easy to maintain and inexpensive.

CP builds to Last

Build for the customer in mind & to never let them down.  Designed for continuous duty and hard working conditions.


Low Noise Level

Your employees will thank you! Quiet by design, the QRS can be installed indoors without disturbing your working environment.


Low Sound Enclosure

What makes rotary screw compressors so quiet is the fact that the helical screws don't actually touch one another. A huge benefit of rotary screw compressors is that they can be mounted close to work spaces without requiring hearing protection.

100 % Continuous Duty

Designed to support the most demanding air requirements, QRS compressors run at a lower RPM's. This means it can run indefinitely, non-stop, 24 hours a day.


Less Heat

The Quiet Rotary Screw Compressor causes less moisture build-up in the tank because there is less heat. And because they run less hot, you can expect them to last much longer.